5 Tips To Saving Even More Money At Thrift Stores

5 Tips To Saving Even More Money At Thrift Stores

Some people avoid thrift stores in spite of the huge savings that can be found there. They think they are stinky or dirty, they think that the things offered are broken and outdated, or they simply won’t allow themselves to buy used goods. I have never been in this camp. As a former reseller on eBay, I swore by thrift stores as a way of making extra money from under-priced items. While I’ve given up on my eBay business, I still think that thrift stores offer an excellent way to save money on household goods. Here are 7 tips to save you even more money at thrift stores.

Use Coupons

Many thrift stores, both local and national operations, offer coupons regularly in the newspaper or through online mailing lists. Taking advantage of these coupons can save you even more money on your thrift store finds. One of my favorite local thrift stores offered a regular coupon for 50% off of previously marked down items. This coupon came out once a month, and when it did, you can be sure that I was scouring the thrift store for super-cheap bargains.

Use Discount Days

Thrift stores offer regular discount days to certain groups of people. Are you a senior? There’s likely a day for that. Are you an educator or a student? You can save 10 or 15% on your designated discount day. One of my local thrift stores even has a discount one day of the week for people wearing hats. Talk with the clerks at your local thrift stores to see if they offer any specific discounts to groups of people on different days of the week. You’ll be glad you did.

Wait For Markdowns

Some items are so underpriced that they have to be snatched up immediately. But often, you can save more money at thrift stores by waiting on a purchase until the item is marked down. Thrift stores have to move through inventory quickly because of the mountain of donations that they receive regularly. Because of this, they don’t sit on their merchandise for long periods of time. Regular markdowns are part of their sales strategy, and you can save more money by waiting for these markdowns before making purchases. You can ask the clerks more about how markdowns work at specific stores. Sometimes items will be marked down by tag color, other times by hand, so knowing the system will help you score the best deals possible.

Go Regularly

Thrift store inventory changes on a daily basis. New items are always being added to the showroom, and markdowns occur at regular intervals. To get the best deals at thrift stores, you have to go regularly. This is because the most undervalued items will be snatched up almost immediately, and you can increase your chances of finding these items by being there when they come out onto the floor.

Test The Merchandise

Because thrift stores offer mostly used items (although you do find new items from time to time), it is a good rule of thumb to test the items before purchasing them. Thrift stores will have outlets that you can use to plug in items and even batteries so you can test battery powered items. If purchasing clothing, try it on. If the item is a used game or puzzle, count the pieces. This will save you money in the long run because you won’t end up with incomplete or broken merchandise.


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