Ways I’ve Made Money Online

I have never been happy just working a job for a paycheck with no extra money coming in. For most of my life, I have also worked at other online hustles, usually related to writing, but also selling things on eBay. Here’s a list of how I have made money online.

Writing Online For Companies

About 10 years ago, I got my start writing online by writing for content mills like DemandStudios and Brighthub. They would pay a flat rate per article, ranging between $10 and $15. At one point, I was writing about 7 articles per day for DemandStudios, making about $100.00 a day. It was not the greatest content in the world, but some of it still exists on their sites, so I guess it is still making them money.

Brighthub paid on the lower end–$10 per article, and they required you to do your own keyword research, but that meant that the topics were usually more interesting. They also offered an ongoing revenue share model, something that earned me about $5 extra per month on old work, so I liked writing for them. The problem was that Brighthub more or less went belly up after a huge decline in revenues after a Google algorithm change, and they stopped hiring writers and stopped paying revenue share. I’m still a little bitter about this because the revenue share was the only reason I was willing to write with them in the first place. Lesson learned.

Writing For My Own Websites

After writing online for companies with some success (and what was overall low pay), I decided to try writing online for myself. I was writing some “How To Play” articles for DemandStudios and Brighthub, so I expanded this idea and created a website devoted to how to play board games. It was a slow-moving process, but after seven years, I finally have a website that is earning $800 a month from Google Adsense, Ezoic, and Amazon. My main problem with this site is growing. There are only so many board games that exist, and I’ve written about a good chunk of the relevant ones, so the site isn’t likely to grow beyond its current earnings. Still, it is my only online success, one that I am proud of and plan to continue operating for years to come.

Selling On eBay

I spent about 10 years as an eBay seller focusing on games and cards. I made some money at this, but I got tired of the process of listing and shipping and eventually gave it up. At my peak, though, I was making about $1,200 per month on eBay, and while doing taxes on this was a bit of a headache, it did help my monthly bottom line.

I also sold off and on using Craigslist with some okay results. I liked Craigslist less than eBay, though, because I had to directly meet the people who were buying from me, usually at my house. I no longer sell any physical goods online. And if I ever were going to get back into it, I would look into dropshipping.

Making Money By Investing Online

I have also made a small amount of money investing online at Lending Club. Lending Club is a peer to peer lending service that allows you to buy small shares of loans ($25 a share, minimum) and receive interest on your initial investment. As of today, I still have $1800 in Lending Club, but I am in the process of devesting and no longer reinvest my profits.

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