Cutting Ties With An eBay Business

Cutting Ties With An eBay Business

For about 10 years, I sold things on eBay as a way to make extra money. I loved buying and selling, especially online. There was a kind of magic to listing things on the internet one day and having money in your paypal the next because you sold something to a complete stranger.

I spent a lot of time developing an online store that specialized in games, but I eventually moved out from there to selling just about anything I could get my hands on. I was making some money online, about $1200 dollars a month at one point, but I could never really grow the business beyond that. Eventually my eBay account was cancelled due to a failure to meet shipping requirements, and I was unable to get it reinstated because it was in my wife’s name. I did open an account in my own name and maintained some sales for another year, but I eventually gave up on it after 10 years.

I had lost interest. I no longer wanted to sell things and ship things, and I no longer wanted to store the merchandise. eBay was restricted to the garage and my bedroom, but it had filled every inch of those spaces, and I wanted that space back. I ended up contacting a neighbor who buys and sells and offered to sell him everything that I had in my garage for $200. This was a well worth it for him, because it was at least $1000 worth of merchandise that he could sell on Offerup, eBay, or at his bi-annual garage sales.

It took us two days to clear out the garage, but I finally have that space back. What he didn’t take went into a dumpster–books mostly from an Amazon book selling business that I ran alongside the eBay business. It was both liberating and emotionally draining to be free of all that stuff. I had done eBay for so long that it was really a part of how I viewed myself as a person. With that part of myself gone, there was a big hole in how I filled my time and my days.

I used to spend hours looking online for products that could be flipped on eBay, not to mention the time listing and shipping items. What would I do with all of that new-found time? A whole lot of nothing, at first. It took time for the habits to die, but I no longer am compelled to look for products or check my eBay account for sales–because there aren’t any.

After being an on-again-off-again reader of, I decided that I would start a blog. I still love side hustles, and I still am interested in the idea of making money online. I have one successful website that focuses on game rules that brings in ad revenues every month, so I am not a complete newbie to making money online, but I have never created a blog that I continually updated. My goal with this site is to provide information about my journey to obtaining financial freedom and will share stories about how I make money on and off the internet, as well as my progress toward becoming debt free–something that I am somewhat far away from now.

While my financial well-being isn’t optimal–I have a car loan for $15,000 as well as a student loan for $15,000–but I hope to document my journey to getting out from under the debt and working toward financial security. Hopefully you will enjoy my chronicling of this practice of moving toward being debt free and can share your stories of success (or failure) to help motivate me and readers of this blog.


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